Profile Article In Republica

I have been featured in a profile cover story for the Kathmandu daily newspaper, Republica. The piece is a summary of my recent comics projects and the sketchbook work collected in this blog. Thank you to editor Subel Bhandari and reporter Kanchan Burathoki for the fine piece.

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What's Wrong?

Once again, I avail myself of such fodder.

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Excerpt fom The Tourist

This is a three page excerpt from the 3rd chapter of The Tourist. This was created as part of a proposal for the graphic novel. As this is a simplified excerpt, I have skimped on the flourishes such as rendering and background details. Enjoy!

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Breakin In

Doodles and another sketch of a scene from The Tourist.

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Pillow Boy

Another comic exercise containing now familiar themes.

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Amit and Niece

Storyboards for an excerpt form the story. Also a fleshed out moment just before Amit is humbled and humiliated.

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Dhimmi and Bikas

Fleshing out more characters. Also, a cameo portrait of the dictatorial yet talented S.Y. Choi.

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Amit's Family

Names are pending, but the faces are set...

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Amit and Bikas

Apologies for the lack of updates. I have been busy working on the proposal for The Tourist. The next series of posts are preparatory/character sketches and thumbnail storyboards of the comic.

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Amit Studies


The Tourist

Another image of the protagonist in his "natural" form.

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Amit, Character Sketches

Developing a character for a graphic novel proposal tentatively titled "The Tourist"... I can't stop creating "dot eyes"... darn you, Herge!

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