Red Dream Sample

I am currently wrapping up a three page horror comic for the upcoming anthology, Supertalk vol. 2. This comic is also an excerpt from a larger story in development. Stay tuned.

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Beautiful Ghost

An American variant on a classic Nepali ghost story.

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Lewis Comics

Taken from a random horror movie still. Aren't ya spooked?



The Eaters

Be forewarned, for I am pursuing a long neglected passion: Horror Comics! This story will be called The Eaters and its events will unfold in the NYC subway (at least initially.) Stay tuned for more drawings, comics and developments.

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A Horrific Comic

While working on the Asian superhero comic, another project has come up. Here's an excerpt from my comic for the upcoming Halloween issue of the Rabid Rabbit anthology. It's a saucy one, so beware!

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