Hydra and MOCCA 2010

This weekend the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is holding its annual MoCCA Fest. Hundreds of contributors, comprised of cartoonists and illustrators from NYC and beyond will gather in midtown to showcase their talents. I will be premiering Hydra, my new book/zine which is a collection of recent illustrations. I will also have new copies of my old mini-comic, Paliwog, available. And lastly, I have a new three page comic featured in the new issue of the Supertalk comics anthology that will be premiering at the festival as well. Come visit me and the good people of Rabid Rabbit at our table, right next to the Supertalk kids. See y'all soon.

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Rabid Rabbit Release Party And Art Show

Come one, come all, to the Rabid Rabbit event at Bergen Street Comics this Saturday evening in Brooklyn, NY! This gathering will celebrate the release of the 11th(!) issue of the now legendary tome and will also mark the beginning of a month long exhibit featuring original comics pages by myself and other contributing artists. My selected pages will be from the story Revolution 1, that appeared in Rabid Rabbit #8. Comics! Hipsters! What more could one ask for? Bring close friends and an enemy or two.

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Red Dream Sample

I am currently wrapping up a three page horror comic for the upcoming anthology, Supertalk vol. 2. This comic is also an excerpt from a larger story in development. Stay tuned.

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My two page story War Bondage appears in the recently released Supertalk comics anthology. Follow the link for more information and non sequitur noodling.

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True Tales of the Kichkanni

The other comic is a four page story for the upcoming 11th issue of the Rabid Rabbit anthology. The title is True Tales of the Kichkanni, Vol 1 (in hopes of future installments.) The theme for this issue will be myths and folktales. Look out for it in January, 2010!

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War Bondage

I've been busy with a few comics projects for two different anthologies. The first piece, War Bondage, is a two page story for an upcoming anthology that is yet to be titled.



Terminal Degree

These meager graphic narratives are an attempt to make up for the lack of recent postings. Stay tuned for even more comics fun!

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Stone Signals


LA Story

Decided to post this old comic from my trip to LA earlier in the summer.

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What's Wrong?

Once again, I avail myself of such fodder.

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Excerpt fom The Tourist

This is a three page excerpt from the 3rd chapter of The Tourist. This was created as part of a proposal for the graphic novel. As this is a simplified excerpt, I have skimped on the flourishes such as rendering and background details. Enjoy!

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Maudlin Funnies



Pillow Boy

Another comic exercise containing now familiar themes.

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American Cat

A sample from American Cat, the most recent contribution to the Rabid Rabbit anthology series.

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Post-Colonial Comics

Cinematic globalization and it's finest product. Oh, and didja hear? You too can tour the slums of the heartfelt fairy tale romance of the year!

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The Recession

The autumn of my youth.



Twilight Lives

An emotionally distant father struggles to reconnect the estranged relationship with his only daughter. Though worlds apart, they share an unspeakable power. All will be revealed in the supernatural drama that is Twilight.

A potential alternate cover with daughter Amina is pending.

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Site Updated

Please revisit anujink.com as I have added a new graphics section containing purely digital work (love it or leave it.) I've also updated the folio and comics sections as well. Ain't I the cat's pajamas?

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Stop Looking At Me

The hiatus finally ends with more comics and drawings from the sketchbook. This harrowing drama occurs daily in the frightening city.

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Site Relaunched!

Yes peeps, the wait is over. At long last anujink.com has been relaunched after a long hiatus. The site now includes samples of comics work created over the last several years. Please peruse all the work and revisit the blog, as I will be posting future updates... Enjoy!

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Struggling To Surrender

Reposted from a previous entry. Reflecting on life's deep journeys.

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The new digs.

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More self absorbed comics about personal pathology.

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The short comic, Twilight, my friend Ted Chung and I have been working on is complete. It will be included in the Secret Identities anthology, to be released April 2009 from The New Press.

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A Horrific Comic

While working on the Asian superhero comic, another project has come up. Here's an excerpt from my comic for the upcoming Halloween issue of the Rabid Rabbit anthology. It's a saucy one, so beware!

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Father, Character Sketch

Still working on the old man's name...

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Amina, Character Sketch

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Head Studies for Twilight

It's been a long time! I shouldn't have left you... Been absent from sketch blogging because of work for the short comics project, Twilight. Here are some head sketches, attempting to form the two main characters, Amina and her father.

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Suitor's Sitch

What is that little stain in the lower left corner you may ask? Well, a little bluebird told me that it would be most wise to leave chicken w/ broccoli leftover from dinner inside my handbag along with my little sketchbook. Guess what? That bluebird is a bastard.

Imagine the stain as an inspired, intentional dash of color. Aint I fancy?




My new mini-comic, Paliwog, is complete and debuted at the MoCCA Arts Festival last weekend. The book is a collection of recent short comics and illustrations. It shared the Rabid Rabbit table with other beautifully designed booklets that feature my comics as well as those of other grand stylists such as Paul Hoppe, Chris Butzer and S.Y. Choi.

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Jack Lancy!



Revolution 1 (excerpt)

This is an excerpt from my contribution to the upcoming issue of the hallowed comics anthology, Rabid Rabbit, now in its 8th issue. It will be released this summer at the MoCCA festival.

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Little Laffs 2



Citizen Waste ep. 3

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Citizen Waste eps. 1 & 2

More thrilling tales of life in NYC? You got it...

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Storyboard Sketches

Because of work on a comics project, I have been unable to sketch as much as I would like. These are storyboard sketches for the first half of a short comics story that I am developing with my old friend Ted Chung.